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Asbestos Roof Replacement

MTEC Roofing & Guttering take asbestos roof removal very seriously. With over 137 years combined experience, we have the expertise to safely remove old asbestos roofs and replace with with a new metal roof. At all times, we ensure our team are compliant with all the relevant asbestos removal rules and legislation.

The staff who remove the asbestos will also be the same staff who install your new roof. This means there will be minimal delay between removing your old roof and installing your new metal roof. The chance of any weather related issues are minimised, and your roof replacement project will be completed in record time.  Click here to contact us for more information.


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What is Asbestos?

Asbestos, is a naturally occurring mineral composed of flexible fibres, that are resistant to heat, electricity and corrosion. It was used in fibro (or fibrous cement sheet) building material including roofing, guttering, walls, ceilings, eaves & fencing. It was used as early as 1880 in fireproofing, soundproofing and insulation.

Asbestos cement sheeting and other building materials were commonly used in building materials for domestic and commercial premises, particularly from the 1940s to the late 1980s, although some lesser use started from 1900 onwards. 

QBCC - Asbestos safety and awareness

Asbestos was identified as toxic and life threatening in the 1980's. With the asbestos building products stopping being used by 1990, and totally banned in use, sale & import in 2003.

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How do I know if my house has Asbestos?

You can't tell if a building material contains asbestos just by looking at it. Careful examination of a sample using specialised microscopic procedures can be completed at a NATA accredited laboratory to confirm whether a material contains asbestos.

As a general rule, if your home was built before 1990, it is likely to contain some asbestos materials. A knowledge of building products that contained asbestos can help to assume asbestos is present Asbestos was used in more than 3000 products and applications and it is estimated to be in one in three homes across Australia.

Asbestos Roofs

Here are some images of Asbestos Roof Types (from If you have any of these roofs types, gives us a call for a quote for removal and new metal roof installation.

Asbestos Guttering and Downpipes

Here are some images of Asbestos gutters & downpipes (from If you have any of these, contact us for a quote on removal and for a new guttering & downpipe system to be installed.

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